Projeto Antas (Costa de Prata) – Localstar Construction

Weekly Update – Project under construction in the locality of Antas (Carvalhal Benfeito – Caldas da Rainha)!

Projeto Antas (Costa de Prata) – Localstar Construction

In the village of Antas, in Carvalhal Benfeito (Caldas da Rainha), we find a project almost finished, and that is in its final phase of construction.

An independent villa, with minimalist design, and personalized to the needs and requirements of the client, and proof that the Silver Coast is not only sea, cliffs and beach, but also nature!

The Silver Coast is not only beach, but also nature!

The villa is in the final phase of construction and, as can be seen by the images, is getting beautiful! It is far enough away from the coast, so that the sun and serenity of nature are guaranteed factors, but not to miss the proximity to the fantastic beaches of the Silver Coast.

The project is being built in the locality of Antas, in Carvalhal Benfeito. A town very close to one of the main cities on the Silver Coast:  Caldas da Rainha. You still don’t know the city of Caldas da Rainha?!

Want to get to know the Caldas da Rainha?

Caldas da Rainha is the city of nature and art on the Silver Coast. Describing a city as rich as Caldas da Rainha in a few words is difficult, but the best expression is “the open-air museum”. Every street, every building, every square has unique features and a story to tell.

Let yourself be  amazed by Caldas da Rainha,  see this article and check out some important details of the city, make your visit and you will see that you will fall in love!

Do you have a dream project, similar to this one, and what would you like to see accomplished? So know that we have several projects in the area of the Silver Coast – Portugal, so if you have any questions,  contact us.

See here, some of the projects we have available for sale

One of these projects can be yours. It’s true, it’s true! Here you can find some projects already approved, where you can choose all the materials and final finishes. You don’t identify with any of the projects?! Don’t worry! Obviously, we want to see your dream project realized, contact us!

Silver Coast – 2-storey villa with incredible views

An independent villa with swimming pool, a stunning panoramic view over the Atlantic Ocean, and situated in the Serra do Bouro, between São Martinho do Porto and Foz do Arelho, on the Silver Coast – Portugal.

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